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I know it’s a blurry shot but it’s a Caravaggio fresco!

farewell dinner.

my favorite cheese man at the market

antonny and romania.  bye bye blue bar

republica pizza.  best pizza in town.

goodbye studio

goodbye profs.

goodbye corso cavor and serena and marina

archemedies the orvieto dog

goodbye caffe cavor.  actually, I’m happy to see this one go.

goodbye orvieto friends

one more sunset on the rooftop terrace.

we got eaten by a cloud on our roof

nicki took this one on our last night in town

we released balloons from the roof as our way of saying goodbye.  right.

I have some super fast internet so I’ll post some pictures from our most recent trip to Rome.  On this trip we saw all the modern.  Parco della Musica by Renzo, Ara Pacis by Richard, MAXXI by Zaha.

I’m REALLY excited about watching this regularly again.

These are of Orvieto: our last saturday

today officially marks one week until we leave our dear Orvieto.  these are some of the things I’ll really miss.

piazza del popolo

layers, levels, and tufa

looking down to the rest of the world.  well..just orvieto scalo.

this dresser with Klimt painted on.

via filippeschi looking down to pozzo della cava.

this is a big one.  enoteca duomo man who makes these sandwiches, aspartame-free coke, fresh mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, olive oil with flavor, real good bread, my roof terrace.  this isn’t going to be easy to leave behind.

the view of the market from my window.

6 euro boxes of duedue.  no better deal to be found in america.

menu piadinas.  i’ll have a picture tomorrow.