We caught a glimpse of the marathon as it passed through the neighborhood.


Lamb cookout at the Shop (presented by Pre-Post)

The goofiest family around.

We’ve been drawing and making a lot since May.  Mostly for Ralph Lauren.  A stair, a waterwall, shutters and a few other things.  About 15 pieces in total.  Here are a few pictures of how things get done in Brooklyn.

Testing the water flow.

Bronze blackener poured over muntz bronze.  Very beautiful.  A few passes with the bucket, scotch brite, and more blackener result in a nice, even oxidation.

Attach panels to steel structure and turn it on!

Add surround cladding substrate.  Carefully calculated bronze plate is fastened on top.

First thing I ever drew that was then built!  This stair and water wall were installed in the Starrett-Lehigh Building for the Ralph Lauren Home collection.  On the way to the showroom we passed the DS+R offices which are on the same floor.

Sufjan Stevens at Prospect Park.  Ahh…finally.

Finally, after a long and exhausting semester, I get to go home.

I arrived on Friday night and attended our neighbor’s annual Christmas and caroling party.  It was great, great fun!  I’ve never actually sung carols with a group of people before.  It’s fantastic!  The following week was very, very busy!  I put up the Christmas tree, cleaned and set up my room, cleaned and organized the basement, wrapped and send 30+ presents, picked up Andy at the airport, had lunch with Andy, his mom, sister, and my mom and grandma…very fun!  Then my mom and I baked!  We made anise cookies, cut out cookies, and our regular 4 types of cake and bread!  Banana bread!!!  I also saw my first snow for the season (everyone else had already seen some the week before).  It came just on time for Christmas eve!

Our annual luminaries.  We are the only ones on the block that do this…maybe next year will be different.

iPad and stylus in hand!

Christmas meeeeemoriiies at Dolly’s Dixie Stampede.  This family’s Christmas photo somehow got mixed in with my mom and grandma’s.  They have quite a charming family.

smallest puzzle

gchat with Kurt in Cali